Traditional Rollies vs. Vape: Battle of The Better

There are two types of smokers: those who vape, and those who smoke joint. The people who vape are taking advantage of the functionality and ease a vape has to offer. They’re very efficient, easier to use indoors without stinking up the place and most especially, it’s portable. The smokers who use traditional rollies are people are faithful about the way they ingest their cannabis. It’s the old-school way to appreciate and savor weed.
Both groups are normally devoted to their way, and neither of them is wrong for having their taste. Different consumption methods will influence people differently, and some people go for the high they get from one method over the high they get from another. 

Traditional Rollies vs. Vape: Efficacy

Whole flower and vape carts’ potency and THC concentration can be very contrasting. Plenty of people who have been smoking weed for ages shifted to vaping because the concentration is a better fit for their tolerance. Occasional weed smokers that stick to flower over time may do well, but bit by bit introducing stronger strains into their cycle. 

So which is better, Vaping or Smoking?

The mandatory disclaimer: it’s not good to breathe in anything that isn’t air or doctor prescribed medicine created to be issued through breathing. With that out of the way, there are some reasons why vaping may be finer than smoking for several people.

One, you’ll ultimately get more of a high for your money with the concentration vape cartridges have. They’re highly potent and they are sure long-lasting compared to an eighth of flower.

Two, reliable manufacturers of vape cartridges shouldn’t include any ingredients known to cause sickness when inhaled. Also, you won’t be breathing in burnt plant material when you vape. The hit will feel lighter and it won’t be as hot. 

Lastly, vaping is easier to do discreetly. The odor doesn’t last long, there are no cinders, and vape batteries are small. You don’t need to store your vape supplies nor a selected hiding spot to vape.

Having said that, there’s something about the custom of smoking weed the old-school way. It sets a certain ambiance and brings people together. It’s the way your parents (and ancestors) relished their weed. It’s something long-established, and we respect that. 

The key point

We’re just here to give out some valuable information. The way you select to consume your cannabis is a personal choice, and Evolution of Healing is here to support you. Both smoking and vaping come with possible problems that you may not want to experience. Pick what feels right to you.

Evolution of Healing  offers Delta-8 Pre roll to smoke, edibles to eat, tinctures to drop, and many other forms of cannabis. We want you to have it the way you like it!


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