CBD Tinctures vs. CBD Salve: Which is Better for a Good Night's Sleep?

In recent years, CBD products have gained immense popularity for their potential to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. Two common forms of CBD products known for their sleep-inducing properties are CBD tinctures and CBD salves. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between CBD tinctures and CBD salves and discuss which one may be more suitable for achieving a restful night's sleep.

CBD Tinctures:

CBD tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts that are typically taken orally. They are made by soaking CBD-rich hemp flowers in alcohol or another solvent to extract the beneficial compounds. CBD tinctures are highly versatile and easy to use. They are usually administered by placing a few drops under the tongue and holding it for about a minute before swallowing. 


Advantages of CBD Tinctures for Sleep:

  1. Quick Absorption: When taken sublingually, CBD tinctures are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing for faster onset of effects.
  2. Customizable Dosage: Tinctures are available in various strengths, making it easier to adjust the dosage according to individual needs.
  3. Comprehensive Benefits: CBD tinctures not only promote better sleep but also offer potential relief from anxiety, stress, and pain, which can further aid in achieving a peaceful sleep.

CBD Salves:

CBD salves, also known as topicals, are designed to be applied directly to the skin. They typically consist of CBD extract infused into a carrier oil, combined with other beneficial ingredients like essential oils or moisturizers. CBD salves are commonly used for localized relief from muscle soreness, joint pain, and skin conditions.

Advantages of CBD Salves for Sleep:

  1. Targeted Application: CBD salves are ideal for addressing specific areas of discomfort or tension that may be hindering sleep.
  2. Soothing and Relaxing: The act of massaging the salve onto the skin can provide a calming effect, promoting relaxation before bedtime.
  3. Skin-Nourishing Properties: Many CBD salves contain moisturizing ingredients that can enhance the overall health of the skin, contributing to a more comfortable sleep experience.


Choosing the Right Option for Sleep:

The choice between CBD tinctures and CBD salves ultimately depends on personal preferences and the specific sleep-related concerns you may have. If you're looking for a comprehensive solution that targets both physical and mental aspects of sleep, CBD tinctures may be a suitable choice. On the other hand, if you have localized discomfort or simply prefer the soothing ritual of topical application, CBD salves may be more appealing.


CBD tinctures and CBD salves both offer potential benefits for achieving a restful night's sleep. While tinctures are known for their quick absorption and versatile usage, salves provide targeted relief and a soothing application experience. It's important to experiment and find the method that works best for you. As always, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating CBD products into your sleep routine to ensure they align with your specific needs and existing medications.

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CBD capsules, pills or softgels support your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which helps regulate your natural inflammatory response, stress response, immune function, and sleep cycle so you can better manage stress, burnout, irritation, and discomfort.

Each form of CBD takes a different route through your body, impacting how long it takes to interact with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and how long it takes to work varies depending on a combination factors: metabolism, weight, and whether you've recently eaten can influence how long it takes CBD capsules to take effect. It is important to note that CBD builds up in the body over time, meaning that committing to your daily suggested amount is key to the long-term success with your CBD product of choice. Try taking the recommended amount on the packaging for 30 days. You can always adjust the amount as needed — you know your body best.

Understanding the suggested amount of CBD for you starts with understanding how CBD interacts with the body and brain, and particularly with the Endocannabinoid System, also called the ECS. To learn more, checkout How Long Do CBD Capsules Take To Work?

CBD capsules and CBD softgels are best taken at a consistent level for you to understand what works best for you — you know your body best. Try starting with the recommended amount on the packaging, and monitor how you feel over the next 30 days. If you aren't satisfied with the results, try gradually increasing or decreasing the number as needed.

Selecting a CBD product is an individual decision based on your overall wellness goals. CBD capsules are easy-to-swallow pills similar to a vitamin so you don't need to guess how much to take. CBD oils, such as tinctures, commonly use carrier oils including olive oil or medium-chain triglyceride (MTC) from coconut or hemp seed oil which might not taste good. And let's face it, oils are a little messy, and measuring out a precise amount from a small bottle with a dropper might not be an easy task. Unless the CBD in a CBD oil has been optimized for bioavailability, CBD oils won't be absorbed by the body and all the benefits may not be felt.