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Young Adults Use Marijuana to Deal With Chronic Pain

A new poll found that young adults are more possibly to report chronic pain. Young adults are more seemingly to use cannabis or CBD products to take care of that chronic pain. On behalf of the Samueli Foundation, The Harris Poll conducted an online poll in September. They received responses from more than 2,000 American adults. The survey showed that those between the ages of 18 and 34 were more likely to report facing chronic pain. That is 65% of young adult respondents in comparison with the older adults that are 52% of the pollees aged 35+. Added to that, 73% of the pollees revealed being in pain every day. 22% of the young adults reported using cannabis or CBD oil to deal with the pain. Those aged 45+ are half as likely to do so, with only 11% responding approving of using cannabis to manage chronic pain. 

Young Adults And Chronic Pain

The executive director of Integrative Health Programs at Samueli Foundation, Wayne Jonas, stated the prevalence of persistent pain among young adults is disturbing. Their use of cannabis or CBD oil shows they are looking for more ways to deal with the pain through self-care. The poll also displayed that younger adults are usually experiencing chronic pain in the backs, necks, and knees. Also, 3 in 10 young adults with chronic pain have increased how often they speak to physicians regarding their chronic pain since the pandemic has begun.

Jonas expounds that it’s comprehensible that young people are trying to deal with their chronic pain on their own. But, they also want and need their providers’ aid in finding out the most effective treatments for their pain. It was realized that 70% use pharmacological options like over-the-counter pain medication. While 78% of the adults with chronic pain use non-drug-related medication options. Other ways of pain relief being used by pollees include exercise (43%), heat/ice (34%), healthy eating (26%), massage therapy (15%), physical therapy (15%), and yoga (14%). 

Lastly, 83% of Americans with chronic pain said that their quality of life would boost dramatically if they were able to take care of the condition better. While 79% hope that health care providers would take chronic pain more seriously. And, 68% hope they had more knowledge and guidance available on how to alleviate their chronic pain. 

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