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What is CBG? What You Need To Know

What is cbg?
What is CBG? What You Need to Know.

CBG (or cannabigerol) is a minor cannabinoid that can be found in trace amounts in most strains. It has been around for a long time and is a great addition to any weed encyclopedia or to your next smoking session.

CBG’s Origins

Though you might not be aware of or ever heard of cannabigerol, it has been used by humans for millennia, in hemp and cannabis plants. It was synthesized for the first time in 1964 along with THC.  It's been extensively researched to determine its medicinal potential. It's commonly referred to as "mother of all cannabinoids."

When young cannabis plants reach maturity and start budding, a variety of enzymes and compounds are combined to form CBG’s precursor, CBGA. CBGA is also known as an "early-phase cannabinoid". As plants near the end of their grow cycles and absorb more UV light, CBGA begins to break down and become THCA as well as CBDA.  In most cases, only a limited amount becomes CBG.

CBG’s Medical Benefits

CBG has many benefits for the human body.

CBG, just like CBD, does not cause intoxication and does not give off a high. Studies show that CBD can bind to both CB1-CB2 receptors in the body's Endocannabinoid System. This means, it not only interacts with the internal systems of the human body, but it also counteracts the other cannabinoids’ (i.e., THC) effects.

Early findings suggest that it offers many health benefits:

  • It works as a vasodilator neuroprotectant and reduces intraocular pressure. This makes it an ideal option for managing glaucoma symptoms.
  • When tested on mice with inducible colitis, anti-inflammatory effects were observed. This could make it an effective treatment for various inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Helps in appetite stimulation. This may stimulate appetite for those who are suffering from chronic illness or who have lost their appetite as a result of cancer treatments.

Sweet Treat

CBG gummies can be described as soft and flavorful candies with CBG or other cannabinoids. CBG, a cannabinoid, is extracted from plants of the genus cannabis .

CBG gummies can be carried with you everywhere you go, making it as easy as taking a piece of candy.

It’s been reported that people who consume CBG gummies for pain have claimed effectiveness and that it also helped promote good quality sleep.


CBG is one of the chemical compounds found in plants of the genus Cannabis. While the research about CBG is still ongoing, it already shows promising signs as a therapeutic cannabinoid.

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