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What are the benefits of CBD honey?

By April 12, 2022 CBD, Food for thought

__________________________________________________________________________________    What are the benefits of CBD honey?

14th January 2021

Author: Lisa


April 12  2022 7:00 AM PST-07:00 by Evolution of Healing a holistic wellness brand


What are the benefits of CBD honey?

The majority of users take CBD in oral spray or drops form, but why not take it in honey?  Marrying CBD with honey super charges an already beneficial, natural superfood for even more benefits. And eating CBD infused honey is not only more efficient, it’s yummier too!  Whether you use it before bed to aid restful sleep, or first thing in the morning, perhaps drizzled over porridge oats, or simply spread on toast.

Benefits of CBD honey - honey and flowers

So, here are just a few of the combined benefits you could enjoy from the best CBD infused honey, which could help both your mental health and your physical well being:

  • a source of natural energy
  • a natural boost to your body’s endocannabinoids to help ease anxiety
  • a natural sleep aid
  • an powerful antioxidant
  • an aid to help improve blood flow and alleviate high blood pressure
  • a possible aid to regulate cholesterol levels
  • an aid to reduce inflammation, especially at easing the pain and discomfort of ulcers
  • a cough aid
  • a burns healer
  • a powerful antibacterial – refer to your history and apply it topically to any wounded area, before covering with a bandage. The CBD honey will be absorbed into the skin and release its antibiotic properties.