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The CBG Benefits

By July 28, 2022 July 30th, 2022 CBG, EndoCannabinoid Science, Featured
The CBG Benefits
The CBG Benefits

CBG is a cannabinoid that benefits the human body's endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS). It was discovered in 1992 by researchers trying to understand how active cannabis compounds interact with our body.

These plant-derived CBD cannabinoids act like internal (endogenous) cannabinoids and relay messages within the ECS. ECS acts as a modulator of the immune system, nervous system, and almost every organ in our body.

CBG Benefits According to Research

  1. CBG is gaining more attention as cannabis research continues to progress. CBG users often experience increased arousal and concentration. The neuroprotective potential of CBG is a possible explanation for this effect. CBG may support healthy inflammatory function. It has also been shown to have the potential to help neurogenesis, the growth of brain cells.
  2. Studies in rats have shown that CBG increases the appetite of well-fed rats without fatal side effects.
  3. Research suggests that CBG may inhibit serotonin's absorption, which could mean that a higher level of this neurotransmitter may remain active in the brain, supporting mood.

4. Research has shown that CBG and cannabinoids may be able to control a healthy intraocular pressure level.

5. One study has shown that CBG can support a normal inflammatory response.

6. CBG is identified to have more analgesic effects than THC. It's also been found to be a better GABA reuptake inhibitor compared with both THC and CBD.

When shopping health products, it is highly suggested to do your research before buying any cannabis product. Not all products are produced equal. Make sure you only shop for trusted brands.  Check where the hemp was sourced. Refer to third-party lab testing.

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THC and CBD have been the focus of most research on the cannabis plant as they are the most plentiful compounds. Though. there are many other minor cannabinoids which contribute to the health benefits of hemp extracts that are worth checking into.

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