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Medical Marijuana for Back Pain

Medical marijuana can be a substitute for traditional treatments. Little by little, it is becoming a preferred cure for patients with chronic back pain. For instance, conventional medications can give a multitude of side effects like stomach upset, nausea, gastric bleeding, and ulcers. Medical cannabis does not have the same related side effects. Here are a few ways how medical cannabis can aid in treating back pain:

  • It may lessen your pain to a level where you can live actively.
  • It may allow you to be free from possible dangerous and habit-forming medications while having overall better well-being. 
  • Chronic back pain can result in depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Medical marijuana can get rid of or reduce many of these symptoms.
  • It is a pure substance from plants, without chemicals.

Ways to Use Medical Cannabis for Back Pain

Cannabis can be used internally or topically. A-few of the best methods for using marijuana are as follows: 

  • Inhalation: You can smoke weed or use vaping. This provides the fastest effect, within 1-2 minutes.
  • Raw juice: One can use cannabis as a dietary additive through juicing. This will lessen the pain with no psychoactive result. 
  • Tinctures: Tinctures are typically placed under the tongue and swallowed. Due to absorption through the mucosal membranes, this creates a quicker result.
  • Edibles: Edible marijuana will create a slower reaction because absorption needs to transfer through the gut. However, it may last longer in terms of relief and produce a better psychotropic result. It may take up to an hour before one feels the relief effect.
  • Topicals: This one produces a distinct effect.  Absorption is contained to the site of the injury. One can ramp up the use depending upon the desired effect.

During research conducted at the University of Colorado, they observed 200 patients with back pain. The pain was because of conditions focused on degenerative changes. 89% of patients said medical marijuana diminished their pain moderately. 81% stated that it worked better than narcotic medications. The consumption of medical cannabis by the patients was once or twice a day.

Here’s what we can say: if you feel better when you smoke cannabis, smoke it. If your back is hurting, worry no more. You can schedule an appointment with Evolution of Healing and take the first step toward getting back your life, or call us today for product recommendations. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, and we hope you feel better soon.