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Pots and Pets: What You Need To Know

Marijuana and Your Pet - A day before the veterinary appointment to put her dog to sleep, Wendy Mansfield decided to try the last resort to relieve the chronic pain of her 15-year-old Labrador mix: cookies from a marijuana pharmacy made especially for unwell dogs.

Marijuana For Pets

Kali, a mild-mannered 80-pound rescue, was never much of a grumbler. However, according to the veterinarian, she often licked her paws —an obvious sign of pain. This was usually accompanied by a cough because of her fur that fell off and got in her throat. After 20 minutes with one cookie, licking suddenly stopped. 

Seeing this, Mansfield, who lives in Fort Bragg, California, gave her dog a second cookie and a third cookie. Unenergetic and gloomy, Kali stood up, drank water, and went outside. Recently, she couldn't do this without whimpering or an obvious indication of discomfort.

Mansfield then called the veterinary to cancel the appointment. That was three weeks ago. She never expected this in her dreams. "It brought my dog ​​back," she tells Quartz.

As marijuana flourished into a big business in the United States, a new segment of the aging and sick pet market grew under the radar. The legal cannabis market generated $ 2.7 billion in revenue in 2014, and the industry will generate more than $ 10 billion in revenue by 2018, according to estimates by the ArcView Group, a network that connects investors with cannabis start-ups.

However, the pet pot market is breaking new ground. The legal gray area poses a challenge for companies looking to sell and distribute cannabis-derived animal products. Insufficient scientific support and industry guidelines are also present. Still, it doesn't stop desperate pet owners and investors like Mansfield from boarding.

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