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Is Cannabis Effective for Back Pain?

Back pain can be categorized into two: acute and chronic. The pain that lasts for three-six months and more is a chronic, acute one that lasts for less than three months. Below are possible causes of back pain:

  • stress;
  • deterioration of bones and connective tissues;
  • age-related changes in skeleton and muscles;
  • poor posture;
  • inflammations and sciatica;
  • injuries;
  • pinched nerves;
  • arthritis, osteoporosis;
  • herniated discs, etc.

Is It Effective?

THC and CBD are both working compounds of cannabis that are good to ease the pain. THC can help someone’s mood and help eliminate stress and anxiety. While CBD cures nausea, inflammations, and seizures. Smoking cannabis provides the immediate results of the drug, thus the pain goes away quickly.

The scientific study confirms what regular cannabis patrons say — the effectiveness of marijuana for back pain is approved by several studies. In Massachusetts, Harvard Medical School exhibited that the proper use of medical cannabis helps with chronic pains. The tests of the Rabin Medical Center in Israel also showed that cannabis helps with pains in the lower back and other conditions.

Is It Better Than Regular Painkillers?

Common therapy for acute and chronic back pains is an opioid medication. However, especially with the increasing legalization of medical cannabis, this procedure is being more and more criticized by clinicians. Eminently, because of the higher risk of developing opioid addiction. Medical authorities of the United States have estimated that patients oftentimes abuse prescription opioids, which leads to overdose and death.

Other back pain treatments include:

  • Tylenol and other non-opioid pain killers;
  • various exercises;
  • manual therapy;
  • simple rest.

They do not bring any long-term ease. Lots of regular consumers recognized the effectiveness of cannabis, as well as medical science, does. Cannabis aids, back pain goes away without harmful side effects.

What Cannabis Strain Is Best For Back Pain?

The best marijuana for back pain must not only reduce pain but also keep us active and able to execute usual activities. Also, we do not want to combine it with other drugs, or have harmful side effects. There are two main strains of marijuana, Indica, and Sativa. Indica is rich with CBD and has lower THC content, while Sativa, and vice versa, contains more THC. As a result, they provide different effects. According to the online survey made in 2014, cannabis users go for Indica for better sleep and pain reduction. Sativa is used more as a recreational drug.


Cannabis is good for back pain. This fact is attested by many cannabis lovers and clinical trials. So as to stay on the safe side, you should not decide on treating yourself. Always consult a professional healthcare provider to consider all underlying conditions that can cause your back pain. At the same time, do not be afraid to opt for cannabis instead of other drugs. Especially strains and hybrids that contain more CBD. This will not make you too high but will solve your health problems.

Schedule a free wellness appointment with us and find out what’s best to treat your back pain.