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Did you know CBD oil eases pain ?

By December 28, 2021 Uncategorized

__________________________________________________________________________________  Did you know CBD oil eases pain ?

December 28, 2021

Author: Evolution of Healing


December 28, 2021 7:00 AM PST-07:00 by Evolution of Healing a holistic wellness brand


Did you know CBD oil eases pain ?

CBD has been widely studied as a natural, non-addictive way to manage and treat pain symptoms — especially as an alternative to opioids for patients with severe pain. 

While animal research found CBD to be a promising treatment for nerve-based (neuropathic) pain and inflammatory pain, few studies have examined its effects on humans. 

Still, researchers know that CBD has antinociceptive and anti-hyperalgesic effects — meaning it can block the detection of pain by neurons and counter pain sensitivity. 

"CBD has over 65 different targets in the brain and body, working at many receptors and other areas to change messages that cells are sending to each other. If the message of pain is being sent from one cell to another, CBD can block or diminish this message," says Bonni Goldstein, MD, the Medical Director of Canna-Centers, a California-based medical practice devoted to patients about the use of cannabis for serious or chronic health conditions. 

Goldstein says that higher ratios of CBD to THC are often more effective for inflammatory pain like rheumatoid arthritis, while lower ratios are more effective for nerve-based pain like shingles

A 2006 study found that combining THC and CBD increased each cannabinoid's effectiveness in reducing pain and diminished adverse effects of using just THC alone.  

"Studies clearly show that all types of pain respond better to products that contain both compounds rather than each one alone," Goldstein says.