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The Science of CBD

With an unwavering commitment to patient relations and advocacy, we are committed to curating innovative, intentionally formulated plant remedies for our patients' whole being.

Synergistic Formulations

One of the many gains from hemp CBD is its power to construct a well-built foundation of homeostasis, which can, in turn, boost and strengthen the effects of its surrounding ingredients. We use a diverse variety of synergistic, natural ingredients, with each selected to work all at once — so that every vitamin, mineral, phenol, antioxidant, amino acid, phytonutrient, omega, and terpene delivers a significant outcome. In essence: through intentional formulation, we’re making products for which the whole is truly exceptional than the sum of its parts.

Unparalleled Patient Support

Doctor formulated and holistically designed, our wellbeing essentials are molded on a foundation of intentionally chosen, clinically proven pristine, powerful, and functional ingredients — for clean, science-backed formulas that boost the therapeutic potential of plant compounds and balance the body, inside and out. We unseal the healing powers of nature so that you can restore, rejuvenate your system of wellbeing. Because we believe we all deserve the chance to flourish.

Why isolate you may ask?

When seeking the best method for patients to receive their CBD intake, The Evolution of Healing chose to stick with the finest method of extracting cannabidiol, isolate, and due to no identifiable amounts of other cannabinoids, this allows for CBD to be the only cannabis compound consumed in these products. The Evolution of Healing is worth trying if you are looking for a high-quality, trusted brand, created for the patients, by the patients, with no hidden impurities included. Say hello to the number one cannabis-integrated wellness solution to hit the market since THC, “The Evolution of Healing.”