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CBD: A Possible Healing for Depression

CBD, or cannabidiol, is becoming a popular cure for a growing number of ailments. Many people are not sure about how CBD can be helpful, though CBD continues to gain popularity. Depression has been troubling America, at the same time that CBD use has grown. Although there are several successful therapies for depression, those facing the condition continue to seek alternative medications. People look for something with lesser side effects than traditional over-the-counter methods.

CBD May Be Helpful Against Depression

A study from 2014 released by CNS and Neurological Disorders found that CBD carries antidepressant-like properties. To better comprehend its mechanisms of action, the study concluded that more research is necessary to use CBD as an antidepressant-like drug. The research also revealed that the outcomes have been very promising. We can decide that CBD can become a new drug for the treatment of psychiatric conditions.

Compared to tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC), CBD has more potential as a cure for depression. This is due to CBD having none of the potential psychoactive effects. About a number of side effects that THC’s psychoactive nature has the probability to bring could negatively influence the patients. Preliminary results are promising.

Cannabis As A Mental Health Cure

It should not surprise anyone that CBD has the potential as a medication for depression. This applies to a considerable amount of mental health conditions for some time. “At least 10 puffs of marijuana high in both CBD and THC led to significant reductions in self-reported stress.” according to Washington State University's conducted research.

Another research looking into the effects of cannabis on the mind discovered that monitored CBD consumption had several positive results.CBD has “antipsychotic and neuroprotective properties.” according to the study published by Frontiers in Immunology. Added to that, there were clinical and basic investigations on the effects of CBD.

The research into possible CBD depression treatment is promising as stated in the CNS and Neurological Disorders study. CBD can be truly recommended as all-encompassing healing for depression. However, the number and depth of studies about it need to increase.

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