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Beginner’s Guide To Rolling Up Weed

By March 7, 2022 Featured, Lifestyle

Rolling up a weed by hand is something of an art form that needs practice and patience to get right. If you find rolling a perfect joint by hand a little difficult, here are some tips that aid you in rolling a quality joint:

Collect your tools

Prior to starting, gather all of the things you need out in a space that’s clean with no dirt or clutter. Put your filters, pen, rolling papers, and a grinder nearby, and assign a small section of space for your rolling. A plate, small tray, or a clean book cover will help you maintain things clean and lessen weed loss.

Start off small

If you are rolling your first weed, make sure to buy normal-sized rolling papers and grab handy amounts of marijuana. Half a gram or a couple of pinches should be sufficient; it’s preferable for your joint to be small and well-distributed than something that’s too big and crumbles mid-smoke.

Get down to business

Crush your cannabis and place it somewhere within reach, so when you’re loading the joint you won’t run out of hands. Put a filter at one end of the rolling paper, creating a cone shape so that it doesn’t fall out. You can purchase filters or produce them from scratch by folding a piece of cardboard or a business card. A filter is vital since it gives you some steadiness and stops you from burning your fingers once you’ve smoked down the joint.

Add bits of weed to your rolling paper, scatter it evenly with your finger. Gather up any pinches of weed that fall off into the plate or tray underneath you and place them back in the joint.

Begin rolling

Finally, start rolling the joint; this stage takes some practice but the best course to make it is to pinch the paper in the middle of your fingertips and roll it back-and-forth till it gets its joint shape. Slip the unglued part of the paper into the roll and dab the edge that has glue, pasting it to the roll. (Ensure you moisten all the glue you can so that your joint stays glued all through your smoke sesh.) Use a pen to pack the open end of the joint, pinning it lightly in. Twist that tip of the joint and you’re all set.


Rolling joints is a mastery, one that many people might not have the patience for. Fortunately, nowadays, there’s no need for everyone to be a maestro weed roller. You can buy pre-rolled joints while you practice.

We suggest taking some time to train. Get some marijuana, cut it into pieces, pick up your paper of choice, take a seat, and twirl up some practice joints until you get the hang of it. This is the fastest way to grasp what a good joint looks (and smokes) like. You might realize your first joints to be too slim and wobbly, or too compressed and heavy. Working out how to get to the happy medium is the answer to making a successful joint that gives a great hit and burns evenly throughout its full length.

Evolution of Healing is cheering for you! For sure you’ll be rolling perfect joints with a little effort in no time.