About Us

The Evolution of Healing, is a passion driven company out of Quartz Hill, California.

In 2016 Evolution of Healing team began hosting educational seminars at their community medical clinics. Dedicated to the evolving patient, and their focus was advocacy and education. Patients needed help to increase awareness of this new, natural and effective solutions for relief.

Evolution of Healing and its partners work to ……. The disparity of the Mental health and addiction challenges seen within the world. Locally their hometown town suffers from some of the highest opioid addiction rates in the entire Los Angeles county.

The CBD wellness store officially launched in December 2018, this company now is excited to introduce a line of cannabinoid infused personal care essentials including topicals, oils, herbal and plant-based supplements for the purpose of alleviating our patients pain.


A Good Partner Solves A Problem.

As a leading cannabinoid wellness brand, The Evolution of Healing has many talking about the rejuvenating results and potent formulas found in each product. With the patient’s wellness in mind, The Evolution of Healing products are made using only the finest natural plant-based materials and essential blends, combined with the cleanest, most potent CBD isolates on the market.

Why isolate you may ask?

When seeking the best method for patients to receive their CBD intake, The Evolution of Healing chose to stick with the finest method of extracting cannabidiol, isolate, and due to no identifiable amounts of other cannabinoids, this allows for CBD to be the only cannabis compound consumed in these products. The Evolution of Healing is worth trying if you are looking for a high quality, trusted brand, created for the patients, by the patients, with no hidden impurities included. Say hello to the number one cannabis-integrated wellness solution to hit the market since THC, “The Evolution of Healing.”