About Us

Our Values

Evolution of Healing cultivates Premium cannabinoid remedies using proprietary essential blends of exotic herbs and oils to penetrate your endocannabinoid system for optimal healing:

  • We produce using only the Highest Quality, Third-Party Tested Cannabidiol Isolates
  • We offer unique herbal formulas inspired by ancient plant-based healing mechanisms
  • Our products are infused with a vary of terpenes for an invigorating, aromatic experience
  • Our organic solutions provide you with a cannabis-integrated approach to healing


Your Partner in Self Reliant Healing.


We believe that health is real wealth, and aim to provide high quality, plant-based products to rejuvenate our patients in both mind and body. 


With the patient's overall well-being in mind, we are committed to bringing highly effective tools and services to help enrich our communities with alternative solutions to healing.


Our approach to wellness is aimed to help patients develop conscious health habits for a healthier life.


Since 2017, our organization has committed to patient advocacy, research, education, and social equity policies for the California Cannabis space. We believe in a standard of “Patients over Profits” and work to be of service to the well-being of our communities.

Embrace the Golden Age of Wellness

Let’s Reclaim Well-being - We believe every human being has the fundamental right to health, as defined by complete physical, mental, and social well being. In reclaiming its true importance, we’re investing in creating a truly sustainable future. Message us for more information about Holistic Wellness practices.

Global consciousness is on the rise as many individuals wish to understand how to better practice diets for increasing energy, focus, and overall health.

Trust in nature- We are one with nature. In advocating for the hemp plant, we promote knowledge, honor, and embrace its ancient wisdom, unveiling the immeasurable potential for the good the “Cannabis* & Hemp plant offer humanity.

Cultivate Wellness as a form of activism

We believe that self-care is at the very root of all wellbeing. when you’re healthy and happy, it has a profound impact on the people and world around you. We’re here to help you cultivate a good sense of well-being.

Medical Advisor's


Over the last thirty-five years of my surgical and medical practice, I have adopted an open attitude towards alternative (complimentary), integrative medical treatment solutions. Thankfully, the availability of medical quality cannabis, specifically CBD, with and without THC, has time and time again proven that the maladies, can be treated in a safe and confident arena. This has allowed the opportunity to gradually withdraw chronic usage of opiates, alcohol, sleep and anxiety prescriptions in favor of herbal, time-tested therapies. I, therefore, stand to highly endorse the use of these products for these medical issues and many more not listed above. It is a sincere privilege to be practicing in this era and not to be associated with the finest representatives in the industry to counsel and provide these products for the public.